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Motorcycle Touring Holidays, Europe, USA, Morocco, India, Japan

Moderate Tours

Croatia, Spain, Portugal
USA California & Japan

£75 OFF Per Person
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£75 OFF

Adventure Tours

USA Alaska, Canada, India, Morocco
Alaska Dalton Highway

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£200 OFF

France, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA, Alaska, Morocco, India, Japan, Ireland and the UK

World Motorcycle Tours takes the hassle from sorting out that motorbike touring holiday that you have always wanted to do, we sort out all the accommodation including, ferries, fantastic road routes to ride to place all around the world. So all you have to do is to decide your destination from our great array of motorbike tours and then sit back and let us do the rest.

How about combining two or more motorcycle tours for a bigger adventure, such as Spain and Portugal with Morocco to the Desert Edge and for that epic adventure through the west coast of USA and Canada into Alaska from Long Beach California (Los Angeles) to Anchorage Alaska and just add the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay the Ice Road Truckers Road for a challenging adventure ride to the Top of the World

On all of our American tours we supply the bikes with that renowned BMW R1200 GS Water-Cool the F800 GS and Honda’s Africa Twin with full support.


Our French Motorcycle Tour to the Millau Bridge, If you enjoy riding a motorcycle on great roads, if you like beautiful landscapes, heritage monuments, picturesque and historic villages, then France maybe one of the places to ride your motorcycle with one of the best tour companies around.


This tour is one not to be missed if you fancy a fantastic varied biking holiday. 

Traveling through France, Germany and into Austria, then this is the Motorbike Touring holiday for you.


This comprehensive Europe Motorcycle Tour combines history and road to ride, man-made wonders and natural phenomena, as well as a vibrant and welcoming culture. Your trip will start from the UK riding down through France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and into Croatia


In Spain and Portugal, the sun is bright, the food is delicious, and the living is easy. Wander the hilly streets of coastal Lisbon, where you can munch on a custard tart while gazing at sun-dappled architecture. We start and end the tour in Santander Spain, where we ride the majestic Douro Valley


Have you ever dreamed of riding a motorcycle in north America and Canada, well we at World Motorcycle Tours has a perfect  motorbike adventure for you, so why not take that great trip of a lifetime on a motorcycle all the way up the west coast of the USA and from the bottom to the top of Canada into Alaska’s 49th state.


Morocco has fascinating scenery, culture and history, see the exotic sights, take in those sounds and smells and lots of oriental flair. So why not be part of this amazing motorcycle tour, also why not make a visit to the Medina to experience this old culture as it has been pretty unchanged in the way it works and appears for over a thousand years


As an experienced rider myself and having rider all over the world including a great adventure ride on a Royal Enfield 500 Bullet from Chennai to New Deli in 2002, I have found that riders need a bit of a different ride themselves, I’m so keen on big spaces I would like you discover new horizons with a great culture that India can offer by riding a Royal Enfield Motorcycle from the south east coast to the west coast and bank.

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