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European Motorcycle Tours


Ireland Wild Atlantic

04 to 08 May 2020 - 5 Days
From £799pp
Riding Ability: Easy / Moderate
Ring of Kerry
Killarney National Park
Dingle Peninsula, Galway & Dublin
£99 Deposit

French Millau Bridge

05 to 11 July 2020 - 7 Days
From £799pp
Riding Ability: Easy / Moderate
The Dordogne & Millau Bridge
Ardeche & Tarn Gorge
Le Mans Race Circuit & Museum
£99 Deposit

Austrian Tyrol

18 to 26 July 2020 - 9 Days
From £899pp
Riding Ability: Easy / Moderate
Austrian Tyrol / Silvretta Alpine Pass
Ride the Stelvio Pass Italy
Ride the B500 Pass in Germany
£99 Deposit

Croatian Adriatic

06 to 17 Sept 2020
From £999pp
Riding Ability: Easy / Moderate
Adriatic Coast Road (Croatia)
Relax on the Beach in Croatia
Inc Return Ferry Crossing
£99 Deposit

Spain & Portugal

TBC for 2020
From £899pp
Riding Ability: Easy / Moderate
Douro Valley of Portugal
Spain Picos de Europa Mountains
Inc Return Ferry Crossings
£99 Deposit

Italy Adriatic

01 to 10 Aug 2020
From £899pp
Riding Ability: Moderate
Rimini Adriatic Coast
Relax on the Beach
Daily Ride outs while in Rimini
£99 Deposit

European Motorcycle Tours

Preparing for European Motorcycle Tour

We are glad to provide you with amazing accompanied motorcycle tours various parts of Europe. If you plan to go on a motorcycle touring holiday in Europe, we take over the planning and sorting so you can focus on having the best experience possible. We arrange for the road routes, accommodation, and ferries. All you need to do is pick a destination and show up. We have many choices of motorcycle tours.

Our Accompanied Tours

Our accompanied European motorcycle tours give you a truly satisfying motorcycling experience. We have toured Europe and compiled a list of some of the best roads to ride. You can combine a few motorcycle tours to enhance our adventure in Europe. Our European tours are in Austria, UK, FranceIrelandPortugalSpainCroatia, and Italy.

Top Tips for European Motorcycle Tours

If you are a biking enthusiast, Europe is one of the best places to visit. There are plenty of historic villages, exciting roads, and beautiful landscape that will turn your overseas trip into a lifelong memory. If, for example, you visit France, you can take a ride through the Dordogne to see the Millau Bridge. The villages are beautiful and there are plenty of heritage monuments. 

Consider the following tips to enhance your motorcycle tours in Europe.

  • Get Your Documents Ready

Ensure that you have all the documents you will need to travel to Europe. Start the preparations early since getting all our documents may take a while. Some of the documents you may need include insurance, a driving license, your MOT certificate, and your passport. Make copies of the documents but remember to bring the originals along too. Do not keep your documents in the same bag as our bank cards as it increases the chances of losing them.

  • Get Your Motor Running

If your motorcycle keeps breaking down, you are unlikely to have a fun experience on your motorcycle tours in Europe. Take it to a professional for inspection to ensure that everything is fine before leaving Ensure that the tyres have the right pressure and that the lights are fine. Getting new tyres is a good idea as you ma tour on some difficult roads. If your headlights are not working well, adjust them. Ask a professional to help you identify and fix issues if any.

  • Do not Forget the Small Things

It is easy to forget small things which eventually become big problems. Think about everything that you would need during your trip and make a list to ensure that you do not forget. Some small things to remember include your charger, a phrasebook, and sunscreen.

Enjoy the delicious foods, friendly people, and pleasant weather of Europe with amazing tours from World Motorbike Tours. Motorcycle touring is a fun way to explore different countries. You get to test your riding abilities while enjoying interesting places and overcoming challenges. Doing it with other people who enjoy biking makes it an even more interesting experience.

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