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FAQs on Motorbike Tours

What Size Bike Will I Need? Graham Saunders

In most instances, a good 600cc or above should easily handle the tours we undertake. Remember the bike has to carry you, luggage, and possibly your partner if travelling as a couple. If you have any concerns about bike suitability please get in touch.


Do I Need Special Biking Gear?

No, you don’t need special biking gear. Bike leathers and boots, with any waterproof gear you usually wear when biking on a wet day. Even if you have chosen one of our tours to warmer claimants, there is always the risk of a heavy unexpected shower. What you choose to wear when we are not on the road is your personal choice, we recommend to keep your hands and feet dry.

Will We Be Doing High Mileages Every Day?

Yes and No, although we have to cover certain distances to ensure we arrive at our nightly stop-overs in good time. Generally, we try to have regular coffee and comfort breaks en-route, with daily mileage around 150/250 a day, but on the bigger adventure tours, we can cover 400 miles plus in one day.

Is There Much Motorway Riding?

There is a certain amount of motorway riding when we have no option, or to cover certain distances quickly or bad weather. We vary our routes and roads to allow you to enjoy the various regions, towns, villages and coastal areas we pass through.

Is It All Convoy Travelling?

We don’t travel in convoy or a long procession. Sensible riding habits are the order of the day. Just keep a safe distance from the rider in front of you and everything will be fine, but most riders like to keep with the tour leader, the choice is yours.

This Is My First Biking Tour and I’m A Bit Concerned

There really is no need to be, provided you are a competent rider. Treat it as a day out with like-minded friends. All our tour guides are experienced bikers and managers. If you have any concerns, they will happily place you behind or in front of themselves, until you have the confidence to spread your wings. Our aim is to ensure everyone, rank beginner, or experienced tourer gets the most from our range of motorbike tours.

Where Do We Stay Overnight?

Each tour itinerary specifies the level of chosen accommodation. Our stop-over hotels are chosen first and foremost for their level of comfort and cleanliness with great food and a drink or two. The majority are four-star establishments, with five stars included where we feel they are the best option.

Do We Have Rest Days?

Yes, rest days are built into most tours. You can have a day out of the saddle doing your own thing, or join our guides on a bike ride around the local area.

If you have any other questions or concerns about our range of motorbike tours please get in touch or call us on 01562 911121.

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