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Touring Europe on a Motorbike

Touring Europe on a Motorbike

One of the most interesting things about Europe is its amazing people and diversity. It has plenty of countries with different cultural and religious compositions. The landscape is beautiful and you can always find something new to try out. If you plan on touring Europe on a motorbike, there are a few things you should know. They include the following;

Austrian Motorbike TourNational Speed

Different European countries have different rules regarding maximum speed. When riding, look out for signs indicating the maximum speed. Where there aren’t any, ride at a safe speed.


The diversity of Europe means that there are lots of languages. Almost every country speaks a different language. Some of the languages spoke in Europe include; Spanish, Europe, German, Dutch, and Italian. Do not assume that everyone speaks a certain language. Even though plenty of people speak English, it is not something to count on. Take some time to learn a few words in the various local languages. Some of the important words to learn include; “thank you,’ and ‘Do you speak English?’

Right of Way

Different European countries have different regulations for the right of way. Learn about them to avoid traffic problems. In most cases, the traffic coming from the right gets the right of way unless there is a sign that suggests otherwise.

Traffic Habits

Having the same traffic rules is no guarantee that different European countries will have similar traffic habits. If, for example, you are riding in Italy, you can weave your way through traffic and it won’t be a problem. In the Netherlands, however, most drivers will frown at that. In Romania, there are rules but the habits are very different. The rules don’t seem to have a lot of significance. Expensive cars and drivers who appear to have more haste seem to have more right of way. Riding without understanding the traffic habits of a country can be a challenge.

Riding in Europe

Riding in Europe is not a complete adventure if you do not visit the Alps. The six Alp countries are France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia. They are very steep and beautiful so every ride feels great.

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