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USA Motorcycle Tours

California, Canada, Alaska

Alaska Prudhoe Bay

28 May to 08 Jun 2019

Riding Ability: Adventure
Tour Area / Highlights
Arctic Circle & Dalton Highway
Top of the World Highway
12 Days

USA Best of the West

17 to 29 Jun 2019

Riding Ability: Moderate
Yosemite, Sequoia National Parks
Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Route 66
San Fransisco, Death Valley
13 Days

USA Epic Alaska

12 to 26 May 2019​

Riding Ability: Moderate
Tour Area / Highlights
USA California, Canada and Alaska
Ride the Pacific Coast Highway
15 Days

USA Best of the West

Come and experience the lifestyle between Los Angeles, San Francisco as we ride the national parks of Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. World Motorcycle Tours makes it possible.

USA Epic Alaska

Why not take that trip of a lifetime on a motorcycle all the way up the west coast of the USA and from the bottom to the top of Canada into Alaska’s 49th state.

Alaska Prudhoe Bay

Adventure Riders with a fantastic adventure ride to Prudhoe Bay on the James W Dalton Highway. We will ride Anchorage return across the arctic circle to Deadhorse Prudhoe Bay, 414 miles each way.

World Motorbike Tours takes the stress away from motorcycle tours in the USA. We help you with the process of sorting out the touring holiday of your dreams including planning for the road routes ahead, and accommodation. Pick your destination from our range of motorcycle tours and we will be glad to take it from there. Our USA tours include; Utah, California, Grand Canyon, Nevada, Arizona, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Death Valley, Napa Valley, Monument Valley, Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66 and for the epic adventure, riding the Dalton Highway in Alaska. It is a great opportunity to see the national parks and the wildlife, so come and experience the amazing lifestyle of America.

Tips for Your Motorcycle Holidays in the USA

The Roads Can Be Long

If you are going on a motorcycle trip for the first time it is important to note that the roads are much longer than you think. Six hours may sound easy but if you have never ridden for long distances before, it can be challenging. Set a target for yourself and work hard to beat it. If you will be riding for the first time, take some time to practice at home. The practice will enhance your motorcycle holidays in the USA. Practising is a good idea even if you are an experienced rider.

Prepare for the Weather

If you are an avid rider, you have probably heard of the phrase that you are bound to get hot, cold, and wet at some point during your motorcycle trip. It may sound like a crazy joke but it is true. The weather is always changing and you need to prepare for it. Prepare for the worst even if the weather is supposed to be perfect. Carry along your water-proof and well-ventilated equipment for your comfort and be mentally prepared for challenges.

Bring Your Earplugs

Earplugs are great when riding. They may not seem cool but they cancel out noise from the road. You will be riding a lot and the noise may take its toll on your ears. So just protect your hearing.

Prepare to Get Dirty

Roads can get very disgusting. They are dirty and your ride may take long. You are going to sweat a lot more than you think. You should, therefore, be prepared for dirt and dust even in places where you did not expect, like the Dalton Highway in Alaska.

Riding is a great form of exercise. Your motorcycle tours in the USA will have plenty of benefits. They give you a chance to take a break from your everyday life. You can forget about the stresses in your life for a few minutes. The rides are challenging. They give you the chance to test your abilities and beat your perceived limits. The long rides give you the chances to explore the beautiful scenery of the United States and reconnect with nature. Spending some time exploring nature has a calming effect. Contact World Motorbikes Tours today for amazing, hassle-free amazing motorcycle tours in EuropeIndia, America, and Morocco.

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